Herb Smith
Fine Art Photography

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Artist's Statement

For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed being out in nature more than anything else. I love to share the beauty that I see there, and the fleeting emotion of the moment with others through my photography.

I prefer to make black and white photographs because they most challenge my creative and technical skills. Most recently, I've enjoyed exploring the effects I can achieve with digital infrared, Lensbaby and pinhole techniques. When color is a compelling element of an image, however, I find working with color to be very rewarding.

After many years of using film for my photography, I now enjoy the creative control and flexibility of the digital medium. I like the process of producing the best images possible in the digital darkroom even more than I did in the film darkroom.

I have several photo projects underway, most of them depicting the beauty of the Texas Hill Country where I live. Early each morning I walk along the Blanco River near Wimberley, where I enjoy seeing and trying to capture the ever-changing quality of the early morning light, chance encounters with wildlife, and the seasonal changes of the landscape.

My fondest hope is that my photographs will inspire others to recognize the value of the natural world around us, and motivate them to do everything we can to ensure that we preserve as much of our natural areas and waterways as possible for future generations.

-Herb Smith

from the Cypress Roots Project

All photos copyrighted Herb Smith 2005-18, All rights reserved.