moon mountain creative group
Moon Mountain Creative Group is a partnership owned by Herb Smith and Susan Zimmerman of Wimberley, Texas.
Herb Smith received his Masters degree in medical illustration from Johns Hopkins University, then spent 40 years in various facets of health science communications, media production and web development. Since 2000, he has pursued fine art photography, web development and other creative endeavors as a partner in the Moon Mountain Creative Group where he now focuses on his lifelong interests in nature and the environment.

Susan Zimmerman received her Masters degree in education and a B.S. in medical illustration, both from the University of Illinois. Prior to 1990, she worked in the healthcare industry in communications, education and training, and audiovisual media production. She was principal of Wordcraft Communications from 1990 to 2001, providing technical communication and instructional development services to various clients. As a partner in Moon Mountain Creative Group, Susan continues to offer these services to volunteer organizations, and collaborates with Herb on his photography and website development projects.
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